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    Rough Lesson: Knock before coming in Short story about futa on male, if you are not used to it, feel free to skip it or read at your own risk. In a splendid house in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia; an 18 year old boy lived with his parents, his name was Matt. Matt was a very disrespectful and unsociable boy, he did not talk to anyone and did not leave his home except when he went to school, but already on summer vacations he spent 24 hours locked in his room, either listening to music, playing in his computer or watching porn. The boy was rough with any type of visits, especially family; although not all of them. One of the few members of his family that he liked, was his uncle Ray, who hadn't visited them for a couple of years, since he was spending his time working and moving constantly. However, one day in mid-August; the doorbell rang. Matt recognized the visitor's voice almost immediately, it was his uncle Ray. Without losing a second he left his cave (bedroom) and ran downstairs, in fact his favorite uncle was in the doorway with a big smile while hugging his father and mother, the boy also joined the collective hug; as he infrequently did. Uncle Ray waved him warmly and then looked at his parents, and with some mystery and mischief he told them. ''Well, don't think I came alone... come here honey, meet my brother and his wife,'' said Ray; looking outside the house. A woman about 26-27 years old appeared at the entrance of the house, wearing a tight blue jean and a tight white top. Matt looked at the woman from head to toe, she was white, long black hair, stern but very beautiful face, fleshy lips and painted of fuchsia, good pair of tits, flat tummy and wide hips, long toned legs and a nice juicy ass. Although the stranger looked amazing, Matt changed his cheerful expression back to the usual indifference and rudeness. ''Nice to meet you, my name is Bailey. Ray insisted coming to meet you, he has told me a lot about you along the way,'' Bailey said with a shy smile on her face. ''It is a pleasure to finally meet my adventurous brother's girlfriend,'' said Matt's dad shaking her hand. ''Welcome Bailey, you will feel at home,'' said Matt's mother repeating her husband's gesture and a kiss on the cheek. When the woman extended her hand cordially to say hello to Matt, the boy pouted and with some coldness and badness he moved away from the hall to his room. Bailey froze at the ugly answer of the rebellious man, which his parents and boyfriend immediately excused, saying that it was something he did with almost everyone, because he was not very sociable. The adults went from the threshold to the kitchen talking about Ray's journey, and he told them that they would only stay for about three days, because he had to go to California for work. They talked for a long time while Matt was still locked in his room, watching videos of surgeries  free adult porn tube sites/ . Ray told Bailey that his nephew, despite his rude attitude, he was a good boy. With a smile the woman hoped that everything would remain in a small touch as a result of the first time they saw each other and said nothing else. Later, all were in the dining room for dinner, and Matt exhibited all his ''education'' and rudeness, reaching the point of throwing a pudding on Bailey for no reason. His father sent him punished to his room, while apologizing very embarrassed with Bailey cause his son's behavior. The next day, in the middle of breakfast; Bailey kindly asked Matt to pass her the butter and in response she got a middle finger gesture. Clearly offended, the woman could not say what she wanted in rage and frustration, because she did not want to abuse the hospitality of Ray's brother and his wife for a simple fool. But she was already starting to write down each one he had done so far. Already when they were about to have lunch, Matt wanted to have fun by tripping Bailey; she lost her balance and with a big crash fell on the floor of the dining room, dropping her lunch and getting dirty with food. Without further ado the boy took his plate and went to his room at full speed, even Ray was already convinced that his nephew's was abusing and with diplomacy he reproached him from the other side of the door. Matt's parents had no words to apologize to poor Bailey, but she said nothing; but deep down inside she just wished to leave that place as soon as possible. There was some peace at dinner, because the boy sneaked out of his bedroom through the window to use neighbor's WiFi, since he was without a password and his father had cut his Internet connection. He returned when everyone was sleeping and the boy began to watch on his computer what was downloaded from his phone through WiFi connection. In the morning, Matt woke up really early; when his uncle Ray went down to the kitchen to get his girlfriend's breakfast, Matt applied glue right in the doorstep to the room where they slept and withdrew to his. He was his favorite uncle, but since he sided with Bailey, he left him no other choice. Of course, when Ray returned, his foot was stuck in the floor in front of the door. Disappointed by the behavior of his nephew, he left the tray on the floor while he tore his sock off the sticky trap; Matt's mother was just back upstairs when she watched her brother-in-law struggling with the glue. With the help of a spatula she removed the glue with some difficulty, in that Bailey leaned out the door when she noticed the delay of her lover and saw the situation. Snorting slightly, she only thought Matt was missing an institute for insane people. After a tense lunch (at least Matt gave some ''truce''), his parents suggested Ray and Bailey to go out for a ride around the county and admire the fields. Ray and Bailey thought it was a good idea, especially to get away from Matt the monster, so at 4 pm they had everything ready for departure. However, Bailey wanted to rest because the next day she would have to pack everything to leave to California and told that to her boyfriend. ''Are you sure you want to stay?'' Ray asked with concern. ''Yes, I would like to relax for a while before starting to pack our things,'' Bailey replied with a smile. ''Just don't leave the room, okay? I don't want my nephew to play a bad joke on you,'' Ray recommended to Bailey. ''I will do it. I have no need to see him, and I wish tomorrow comes quick,'' she said with a calm expression on her face. "We'll be back in a while," and kissed Bailey tenderly to meet her brother and sister-in-law in the garage. His brother asked about Bailey, Ray repeated what she said and not without disbelief, they started the march. Meanwhile the woman went into the room, took off her pants and panties to spend some time relaxing. She began to massage her fat and flaccid cock; until it reached 7'5 inches. That was her best kept secret with Ray, at the same time she was caressing her breasts over her shirt, making her nipples hard. On the other hand, Matt was in his room. He was looking for his favorite cap; red and with a lion stamped on it, he put upside down his room but he couldn't find it. Then he remembered that he had left it in the room occupied by his uncle and Bailey before they arrived, so he left his room to pick it, since there was no one at home, he thought. He looked at his phone before approaching the door and turning the knob, opened the door and what he saw made him dropped his phone; petrified. The guest room wasn't empty, Bailey was lying on the bed, naked. And the second thing he noticed was that the woman had her left hand stroking a thick cock, her own cock!! Matt gazed at the weird scene in front of him, but Bailey reacted trying to hide what it was obvious. But her mind was a hurricane of emotions and this was the drop that overflowed the glass. His bad education, his lack of manners, the constant and unpleasant incidents added to the inopportune interruption, without touching and invading her privacy; but the most important, he discovered her secret. Without wasting a second, Bailey stood furiously from the bed, she was about to teach that child a lesson regardless of the consequences, so took Matt's hand and dragged him inside and closed the door; she threw him violently to the bed and shouted him. ''Did your parents haven't taught you to knock on the door before entering!!?'' she asked clearly annoyed  free adult porn boards . Matt went white and did not respond. He couldn't believe that his uncle's girlfriend had a cock and what a cock, similar to a fat torpedo. ''I will tell you what's gonna happen: I will teach you a lesson, kid. You will learn manners and especially you will learn to not interrupt a woman's privacy,'' Bailey said, and threw herself on Matt. The boy struggled as much as he could, but Bailey subdued him rudely. She tore his shirt and ripped off his pants, making him howl in pain, the woman cuffed Matt's hands to the frame of the bed and spread his legs, the boy tried in vain to oppose but could not do anything, he was all spread and awaiting of what that lunatic bitch was going to do to him, and he feared the worst. ''SOMEBODY HELP!! Let me... let me go!!'' pleaded Matt distressed. ''Well, it's too late. And if you scream again, I swear I'll tape you,'' threatened Bailey. The woman reached down and began to spit the boy's hairless ass, and with her fingers she dilated the tight, hot hole. Matt was not resigned and writhed to avoid what was likely to happen anyway: Bailey placing her fat schlong in his ass. One, two, three and even four fingers Bailey shoved in to open his anus for intercourse, Matt was responding with girly groans so Bailey let him know. ''I thought you were a cold and tough kid... and you're just a bitch!'' Bailey scoffed, ready to prod him. His uncle's girlfriend pressed her glans impregnated with precum, and slowly began to sink it into Matt's ass. The young man tried to prevent penetration by holding tight his sphincter as much as he could, but along with the previous lubrication and dilation; he just made that cock slid faster inside his butt. Bailey finished introducing her cock until her mount of Venus touched the boy's buttocks, Matt moaned in desperation when he felt those 7'5 inches of meat filling his inside. After spending almost a minute motionless, Bailey began a fast and deep pounding. Matt cried out for help but only received a couple onslaught from his uncle's girlfriend, again he tried to ask for help but lost his voice when he received faster and furious shoves from Bailey. The bed shook violently cause Bailey's mercilessly ramming in Matt's ass, which soon stopped struggling and gave up himself to the rough assfuck he was getting. Matt felt his rectum burn and widen brutally by the thick sausage of his rapist, the agony was unbearable because he believed that at any moment she would burst his bowels from the brutality of her attacks. Bailey did not slow down and only the hard shock of her balls against Matt's ass could be heard, her expression was of pleasure and triumph; drops of sweat began to cover her flat abdomen because the hard rhythm she was keeping on Matt. The boy kept moaning and pleading for mercy, but Bailey ignored his pleas and continued the lesson, "Now you see that you were wrong, but I will correct you..." the woman snorted, opening Matt's legs wide, so she could sink her cock even deeper, if possible. After several minutes in that position, she changed position and placed Matt's feet on both sides of his waist, and with her hand she guided her cock back to the boy's sore hole, with a slower speed but deeper than before, and made him feel every inch and vein of her cock easily. ''Do you like it, huh? You're just a dirty bitch, deep down you always were one,'' Bailey said with husky voice as she penetrated Matt's ass with a sticky noise, the mix of her precum and saliva. For Matt, it was the worst experience of his life. Not only because he was being deflowered anally, but also on top was a girl, his uncle's girlfriend; nothing made sense, but in the world nothing makes sense. Meanwhile, a nasty sound warned him that Bailey took out her cock again and was about to try another posture, she rested his feet on the back of the bed and she was on top and reverse; she put her cock back in. Bailey rested her hands on the mattress as she moved her hips sensually, molding Matt's ass with her cock. Time passed, and the young man only thought that soon his parents would arrive and will find them in that situation; but they did not come back and he started feeling contractions in the ass cause the huge cock drilling deep inside him. Bailey closed her eyes, the ecstasy was great and the revenge made it better. The boy barely felt his legs, the blood did not circulate very well and soon or later (sooner) he would lose his strength to hold them on the backrest; the woman also knew it or perhaps the result of her experience because when Matt was almost in the edge of his resistance, she stopped; took out her cock once again. Bailey put the boy's legs on her shoulders and resumed the intercourse. Matt groaned breathlessly as the woman smiled wickedly, filling that young ass with her cock. Bailey gradually increased the pace, to the point that in three seconds she gave him 7 prods. Matt was tired and just wanted everything to end soon, because he was sure he would not walk again for a long time, Bailey mixed her shoves by putting her cock halfway, then to the bottom, then half, and so on until Matt went crazy by the perfect synchronization of the penetration. ''St-st-stop... please...'' begged Matt without energy. ''Mmm... I don't think so. The best is still missing...'' Bailey said smiling. The woman released the young man's legs and separated them again. Leaning towards him she kissed him as she penetrated him without truce or compassion, the boy did not even try to struggle with his legs to get Bailey away, there was no case. Suddenly the woman came out of Matt's ass and put her big tool in his mouth, Bailey raped merciless Matt's mouth and every two or three pushes his gag reflex took it out with his own saliva gushing from her cock and his mouth. A few minutes passed when he felt that the woman was convulsing, and before he noticed what was happening, Matt received a torrent of hot cum that filled his mouth and went down his throat, the taste was sweet and he had no choice but to swallow until the last drop, satisfied, Bailey pulled away her cock from Matt's mouth and slipped it into his nose. Matt sighed exhausted by the terrible experience and with a burning and spaciousness emptiness in his butt. ''For a jerk, you swallow a cock like a whore,'' Bailey said, tired and sweaty, while with her hard dick she slapped Matt's face. The woman took off the handcuffs of Matt's hands and carried him to his room. She left him in his bed, inert and without stamina; Bailey gave him a nice and hard spanking in his right buttock before speaking again. ''Matt, I don't think I need to say it. Not a word of this with anyone; or I swear next time you will be in a wheelchair for a month. And if your uncle and I or someone else visits you, you better behave yourself; for the own good of that butt of yours,'' and wiggling her body in sexy way she left the room. Matt was silent. He tried not to think about anything, but the images were still fresh in his retina; with much pain and discomfort he turned around and took his sheet and fell asleep. Half an hour later his parents and Uncle Ray returned from their journey, Bailey received them very happy while leading them to the dining room for to eat some pancakes. When asked about Matt, she just shrugged and said he hadn't left his room all afternoon. The next day, Matt's butt was aching a lot, and stayed in his bed. Questioned by his mother, he only said that he wanted to be in his room and relax, and already in the afternoon his uncle Ray and Bailey went up to say goodbye to him. Ray shook hands and said affectionate words, when Bailey's turn; Matt froze while the woman kissed him on the cheek, to his uncle's surprise and amazement, and wished him a happy summer; with an accomplice wink. Matt spent four days to recover from the rough experience, and on the fifth day he received a video of an unknown number with the following message, ''Don't forget me so fast, B.'' The video was from Bailey, recorded with her phone from the nightstand. Despite the hard lesson, Matt changed a lot as a person after that moment, in addition to explore his kinky side thanks to Bailey's lesson with his ass, and; before entering a room, he always knocked the door ;) The End

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